Our Vision…

Our inspiration for Polo One came from the beautiful and opulent surroundings of Sotogrande. We are blessed with a rich and varied tradition of polo along with other sporting activities such as golf, yachting, and tennis, amongst others.

We felt it was only fitting to bring people together to celebrate this fantastic achievement in the most fitting of venues which is Polo One. Polo in Sotogrande has grown from its humble beginnings back in 1965 to a global spectacle of world class polo which is played throughout the year on our wonderful fields.

Our vision for Polo One was derived from this Sotogrande spectacular and we aim to introduce our tastefully designed restaurant, lounge bar and beer garden to the residents and visitors of Sotogrande and surrounding areas alike.

We hope you enjoy the experience we provide, which includes the careful selection of fresh fine quality foods prepared to your liking by our very talented team of chefs and kitchen staff.

Whether dining, socialising, or just relaxing on our terrace whilst savouring some of our specially chosen wines and enjoying the ambience, we take this opportunity to thank you for your visit and assure you of our best attention at all times.